Despite the fact that arbitration by individuals and business entities has privileges that made it an ideal alternative for recourse to the judiciary and the resultant prolongation of the dispute due to the nature of the judicial work, as well as the risk of not comprehending the extents of the dispute by the judge or jeopardizing the contracting of the parties by voidance or amendment thereof based on a juristic opinion adopted by the judicial authority, and other risks; yet the selection of a qualified member of the arbitral tribunal and the suitability of its fees to the parties in dispute, remains a worry and a heavy burden on all who resort to it.
The Company offers the services of appointing qualified arbitrators in a manner consistent with the nature of the dispute and embraces the Secretariat role, taking into consideration the necessary competence of the members of the arbitral tribunal and shortening the time required to resolve the dispute to the least possible and at the appropriate cost to the parties.

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